Chelsea Flower Show Big Plant Sale Finale

A little decorum, please! This is Chelsea, as plant hunters bare knuckles it’s time to fight for the plants you have had your eye on all week!

Iris have featured in shades of copper, brown and ivory cream and taken my fancy! But I’m not going to compete for them, in fact, I prefer to add them to a rather long wish list of plants I intended to by on my shoot gardening profile. Get yours here >>

Lavender will always be in the limelight but be careful when buying a named variety and find a reliable supplier as misnamed varieties of Lavendula are extremely common amongst un-professional retailers.


Primula has found their way back into my good books especially since I can minimise the slug damage with nematodes. Candelabra primroses stole the show with this delightful example that would not look out of place in any moisture retentive shaded corner of any garden.


Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff takes me back to those heady days of working as an apprentice at the world famous terraced gardens of Powis Castle, National Trust, Mid Wales. Dahlia’s featured pride of place amongst the tropical borders alongside dramatic Phormium and feathery fine Artemisia.


Chelsea re-introduced me to the beauty of the Geum and what a warm greeting I received, with delightful dancing double antique yellows and eye-popping red and orange! Geum’s are certainly worth pushing to the front of the queue for.


Whilst tempers may flare as the bell sounds for the biggest plant sell off in the country! Let’s remember that plant growers and nurseries throughout the UK also rely on your trade. Many rare and unusual plants exist but then there are readily available plants amongst them. Don’t be fooled into a compulsive purchase plan ahead and keep your strategy in mind.


Daisy Roots , Hertford beautifully reminiscent of a Beth Chatto Garden.

I have planned mine I’m visiting some local plant nurseries like Daisy Roots in Hertford, who I meet during the show, as I plan to purchase some choice plants that did not make it to their stunning well thought out display. No pushing or temper tantrums for me! Going to leave the rosy cheeks and flushed faces to my new collection of Geums as they calmly await their new home.


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