Diarmuid Gavin leaves the judges in a spin at the Royal Horticultural Society Opening Day of The Chelsea Flower Show.

The Harrods British Eccentrics Garden is a garden performance a show stopper that gets the crowds approval, with playful jeers and laughter and occasional somewhat utter dismay.

The colour, however, is a stunning chaotic combination of riotous reds and  pandemonium purples that mash to create a joyous delight of eccentric Britsh colour with humorous twist and turns.


The Six large Bay trees spin every 30 mins as does the border surrounding the Turret styled cottage! Along with bobbing box balls, it’s all quite bizarre I must say.


The layout the design and the finish are all impeccable as only we have learnt to expect from the infamous Irish Garden Designer, Diarmuid Gavin who always aims to delight the crowds of onlookers during the RHS Chelsea Show.

Not quite so delighted I’m afraid was the judges who were in a spin over the playful eccentricities of our beloved garden designer awarding him a Silver-Gilt one step away from the coveted Gold which continues to elude Diarmuid for the last five years.


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