Let your Garden shine with Asphodeline Yellow Candle

Lighten your Garden borders with shining sparks of yellow candle flowers, also referred to as the king’s spear that brings an architectural statement to your gardens shape and form. Highly regarded for its starry golden yellow flowers that follow in succession moving up the length of the flowering spire as they reach their ultimate height of between three or four feet.

Asphodeline igrowhort

Easy to grow and hardy despite its exotic appearance tolerant of up to -15c and benefitting from a full sun, free draining location. The Asphodeline makes a great feature of a mixed shrub and herbaceous border by providing masses of yellow candles in mid Spring and often repeating in early Summer.

In early Spring the Asphodeline grey-green shoots emerge from winter dormancy pushing aside the protective mulch, in less than a few weeks breaking ground with a sturdy flower stem that begins flowering even at low levels. Ultimately reaching between 3-4ft high the flower stem is host to masses of sweetly scented, edible flowers, that resemble rich yellow stars each taking their turn to bloom before forming a small cylindrical globe.

The Asphodeline is popular with Gardeners and Garden designers, often incorporated into many designs for it dramatic shape and form, also highly regarded by the floristry industry for its dry seed heads that last long into the winter.

To get the designer look plant in bold groups or make a statement with large individual plants repeated throughout your design. Works well with Aquilegia, Allium and Foxgloves for dramatic mid Spring through to early Summer colour and contrast in your garden.

Growing from seed.

Sow fresh seed in a sandy loam compost, water sparingly just enough to prevent the compost drying out and in a few weeks to several months your seeds will germinate erratically.

Chilling your seeds in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator prior to sowing may improve germination rates.

Once your seedlings are big enough to handle, gently tease them from the pots taking care not to damage the developing root system. Plant your new seedlings into a 9cm pot with a free draining compost and water sparingly, grow on in a cool glasshouse and plant when established.


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