How to Sow and Grow – A seed sowers guide to germinating perennials from seed

Growing new plants from seed can be extremely rewarding, especially if you have collected the seeds yourself.

If the hunter gather in you like’s the idea of saving your own seed to, a) propagate more plants for yourself, b) share with friends and family or even to start a small business venture with. Then you’re going to want to read this helpful guide. “How to increase your plant collection by gathering your own seeds”.

The skill of propagating perennials, shrubs and trees from seed is a well-versed topic, you won’t have to go far to find an expert seed sower to set you on the right track.

The desire to grow plants from seed whether it be vegetable or flower, fruit or tree is a passion that if tended will flourish and become incredibly fruitful, often lasting a lifetime. I became interested in gardening at a very young age and though I could not have known at the time, scratching at the dirt and wood ash with my plastic seaside spade was to be a well-informed introduction, to this growing circle known as Horticulture.

Developing a love of Gardening can happen at any stage in your life from early days at infant school to learning by caring for your garden at home. One thing for sure an interest in growing plants from seed will provide you with a lifetime hobby or even a change in career.

Following some simple guidelines and growing tips will ensure that you enjoy years of growing plants and make propagating a rewarding pastime. Here’re a few tips on starting your own seeds at home.

As an award-winning, 45-year-old professional plantsman and horticulturist with National Trust, private parks and estate management background. My vast plant knowledge and hands-on technical experience afforded me the opportunity to work in various horticultural landscapes, in the UK, USA & Eastern Europe. Having worked in both garden retail & the design service industry gave me the practical diversity and managerial skill set, required for running a large private gardens or estates.

I strongly believe knowledge is to be shared and have worked closely with people and staff of all ages and abilities keen to develop their passion for gardening, including groups of children, special needs and adults. I have hosted guided walks, talks and tours for those keen to learn about cultivated and wild plants, garden development, history and design. As a member of the NNCPG and National Trust, I am actively involved in the preservation of several important plant collections both in public and private gardens throughout the UK. 

I blog to share my passion for Horticulture with as many people as possible using whatever means are at our disposal, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google, eBay and Instagram if that’s your thing or at the very least please click follow in the top left-hand corner and I look forward to sharing my next post with you.


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