Grow Tomatoes for Summer long juicy fruits in a rainbow of colours.

Everyone loves Tomatoes, well almost! Did you know that Tomatoes are one of the top three largest crops grown the world over? So it’s hardly surprising that botanists estimate over 20k different varieties of seed Tomatoes are in global production, from amateur backyard gardeners to fields of glasshouses, packed full with commercial tomato crops.

China is the largest worldwide producer of this little red globe of Love. Introduced to the UK in the 1500’s . The French refer to the humble tomato as “the apple of Love” and the Germans label it the “Apple of Passion”.

Conservative calculations set the number of tomato varieties as ten thousand, although commercial horticulturalists claim in the region of twenty-five thousand different cultivars. 

No wonder our favourite seeds Catalogues are packed full of fresh and vibrant tomato varieties. There are tomato seeds available for every amateur or professional grower.

Tomatoes range from delicate cherry tomatoes to record-breaking prize winning tomatoes that weigh in at 3.5kg.

We trial new varieties of Tomatoes every year, like this scalloped Tomato known as Black Russian. A large, deep ridged almost black, a chocolate tomato that is currently all the rage.

Whether your preference is for Vine Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes or large salad Tomatoes you are guaranteed to find a variety that suits you.

Gardeners delights, Alicante, Golden Sunrise are all popular varieties sure to perform.

Check out my list below of recommended varieties of Tomatoes to grow for 2016.

Grow from seed and just 99p

Tomato Rosella x2
Tomato Black Russian x1
Tomato Black Opal x1
Tomato Golden Sunrise x1
Tomato Moneymaker x1
Tomato Gardener’s Delight x1
Tomato Peardrops x1
Tomato Tigerella x2
Tomato Sungold F1 x2
Tomato San Marzano x2
Tomato Sweet Million F1 x2
Tomato Alicante x2
Tomato Red Robin x1
Tomato Sweet N Neat Yellow x1
Tomato Sweet N Neat Red x1

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