Extreme Tree Planting on the Garden Island of Corfu. 

There is little doubt that I am extremely passionate about gardening, my career path and the journey it is taking me on! This is my third working holiday, returning to the garden island of Corfu and each time it gets harder to head home to gloomy London.

Fortunately my job as a Horticultural consultant and head gardener means  I get to return in late October to continue planting the extremely large specimen Cypress trees, Mulberry, Pines and Strawberry trees, to name a just few. 


Extreme weather conditions on the island of Corfu means that only the toughest plants will survive. 


Quercus ilex commonly referred to as holm oak in a large 110 litre pot, needed six strong guys to move and navigate the steep slopes and stone steps.


A robust sack truck comes in handy, especially when you strap the trees large plastic pot to it.


Bougainville thrive on the island and make a colourful long flowering climber or clipped balls in pots that are loved by both insects and visitors to the island. 

Large Cypress trees in 70 litre pots are relatively easy to move compared to the 300 litre pot of the Morus plantifolia or Mulberry shown below. 


A large crane will be on site to move the Mulberry into its final location and will be planted alongside five Cupressus sempervirens ‘Horizontalis’ and three Cupressus pyramidalis.

The following list of trees tolerate extreme weather and maritime conditions. They grow on rock cliffs that are a prominent feature of the north east region of Corfu, with wet winters and summers that bring sun loving tourists to the garden island. 

Ten easy to grow trees tolerant of extreme weather conditions.

Arbutus unedo

Quercus ilex

Olea europeaus 

Eriobotrya japonica

Acacia dealbata

Euchryphia nymanensis

Agryocytisus battandieri

Pinus halepensis 

Cupressus pyramidalis

Schinus molle


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