Spring wild flowers a plenty on the Garden Island of Corfu.

Spring’s offering of wild flowers of Sinies, North Eastern, Corfu part of my adventures as teacher, head gardener and friend to a team of Greek gardeners and quality house keepers.

The garden island of Corfu is bursting with colour for those brave enough to chance the Spring weather on the second largest of the ionian islands and travel out of season to Corfu.

Every crack and crevice, roadside and costal path erupt into flower during April into May. Announcing the arrival of Spring the wild flowers of Corfu are a timely offering for the wildlife, insects and visitors to the island for the Easter festivities. Far removed from our own symbolism of a commercial easter, no sign of shelves filled with chocolate eggs and candy (other than in speciality shops in Corfu town) Easter for the Corfiots is a celebration of the islands new season a welcome to visitors for all over the world.

Sun, Sea and Spring flowers a plenty on my latest work based consultancy trip to my favourite region of Sines on the international renowned garden island of Corfu.

Those bold enough to take the first flights of the season to the largest of the Greek islands are in for a treat. If springs bountiful offering of wild flowers gets you excited, then an budget airline flight may be the order of the day.

There is more to Corfu than just lazy days on the beach, the island’s population explosion from May to September leaves the beaches, bars and villa rentals overbooked, crowded as the islands flora and fauna slips into dormancy to avoid the soaring temperatures and arid growing conditions. Leaving only the toughest plants, trees and shrubs to bask in the sun’s flesh burning rays.

Visiting the garden island of Corfu as a horticultural consultant for my London based client, means I get to visit the island during mid Spring and late Autumn. During a few short weeks in April and Oct. I am able to instruct, guide, support and train our team of Greek gardeners to plant, grow and maintain the huge range of tropical and sub tropical plants under my care.

The North Eastern region of this beautiful island for example is a contrast of idyllic fishing harbours with a village community feel that all but closes during the winter season. Compare these villages to the internationally owned villas that adorn the rocky outcrops, giving this region its dramatic cliff faces and extreme growing conditions for the islands plentiful flora and fauna.

I hope from this article you get a little taste of Corfu, an island that I have fallen in love with three times and cannot wait for the forth.

Interested in reading more about my Corfu adventures, travels and new friends as I explore the North Eastern region of the garden island, it’s inland and costal villages, its high mountain top views and deep craggy cliff faces. It’s the local people of Corfu that make the towns and villages function during the high season and become caretakers of the island during the winter season. Enduring the high rainfall (although winter just past was relatively dry) as the islands resorts become the seaside villages that all but shut down.

Written and lovingly shared for our new best friends. Love you and see you in October.


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