Spruce up your Silver Birch with a little Tender Loving Care

Birch stems
Photo credits wikipedia and photo bucket

Dank, dark and dreary Winter days are often forgotten as we Spring forward for longer, lighter days and push back the dark invasive nightfall. Time to spruce up your Silver Birch with a little Tender Loving Care. Mosses, Algae and Lichens naturally receded as the warmer weather dries up the nourishment they need to prosper. Dying moss and algae often leave a nasty staining on the white stems of Siver Birch trees. 

Conifer’s and Spruce trees loose their appeal as Lawns begin to look greener, paving losses it dangerous slippy surface as



tree buds begin to swell. If you dream of having your own Silver Birch, then you might like to learn How to Grow Silver Birch Trees from Seed.

Spring cleaning no longer limited to household chores means that the avid gardener can begin to set to preparing for the riot, explosive resurgence of growth that arrives almost overnight and yet seem to have waited a whole season for.


Scarifying lawns, pressure washing paving, washing gates and renewing water features all feature highly on our March job list, but taking time to delve a little deeper, cleaning around the bases of those perennials keen to perform and delight in the upcoming season.

Spending 30 minutes with a bucket of luke warm water and a micro fibre cloth to clean those colorful Winter stems of multi-stemmed specimens like the Silver Birch and snake bark maples will delight and steal a breath from all the see the startling white, self renewing, peeling bark of  Betula ‘Jacquemontii’ or the rich chocolate tones of Acer griseum.


A winter of moist, damp air and low light levels often means that our colourful winter stems that play an important structural role in our gardens are layered in months of algae and green slime that mutes the otherwise light reflecting shades of coloured bark.
Taking the time and some tender loving care to wash a way this grime will rewarded you and your garden for months to follow, Silver birch stems will shimmer and shine as the Spring sunshine dances through the dappled shade broken only by the bare twiggy stems of the Silver Birch.

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“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

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  1. TheDigger says:

    Is that first photo the winter garden at Anglesey Abbey? It’s spectacular there. My mum told me they washed the silver birches and I didn’t believe her for ages- sounds like a total wind-up, doesn’t it?


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