Volunteer to become a great Gardener

Consider volunteering at a great garden near you, there’s a wealth of knowledge at your disposal and for a few hours a week you can learn and grow, first hand.

Taking a stroll around your garden to appreciate the finer things in life may be a rare treat, what with kids birthday parties and family trips to organise there’s not often time to stop and reflect on life’s greatest pleasures.

volunteer waterpenny gardens
Volunteer opportunities exist in many large gardens. ukgardenphotos

But for those of us with a little extra time on our hands a love of gardening can turn into an all absorbing passion that grows with the seasons. Taking care of your own garden may have it’s limitations! Perhaps your garden space is limited or under control and you have a few extra hours a week to spend increasing your knowledge of gardening and specialist plant care?

volunteer wimpole hall
Imagine working in a garden like this! Photo ukgardenphoto on Flickr

Fortunately the United Kingdom’s desire to garden has allowed this green and pleasant land, to amass a collection of tended Gardens like no other. Alongside such tradition and historically valued gardens and estates are professional gardeners who enjoy nothing better than sharing their love of gardens with others.

volunteer beth chatto
Beth Chatto really knows how to work a gravel garden. ukgardenphoto

Volunteering to work alongside qualified gardeners and professional horticulturalist has to be the best way to learn on the job! So to speak. Where else can you get this the of hands on, practical experience with support and encouragement while you work?

volunteer nymans
Stunning photographs from ukgardenphoto on Flickr

Discover a whole host of volunteer gardening opportunities by either speaking directly to the gardens and estates that are local to you or contact a horticultural recruitment agency that would only be happy to take your details and help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

The following photographs taken by ukgardenphoto are a wonderful collection of top notch gardens that I have either worked at or visited and feel able to recommend.

volunteer packwood house
Volunteering can provide you with a insight into garden life by ukgardenphotos


volunteer great dixter
Great gardens need a great team of staff and volunteers. ukgardenphoto


Great gardens exist all over the UK, National Trust or English Heritage rely on volunteers to help the employed staff to keep the garden in to condition, not an easy task on a tight often restricted budget. Why not contact your favourite local garden or estate and see if you can lend a hand.


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