Plant Snowy Woodrush a low maintenance clump forming perennial grass

Luzula nivea commonly known as snowy woodrush is a clump forming, evergreen perennial that forms an open flowing habit of rough, white haired downy, deep green broad grassy leaves a member of the reed family. Plant as ground-cover with Campanula’s, Pulmonaria, Aquilegia and Ferns in a special corner of your garden.

In early Spring through midsummer sprays of creamy white, fading to tan, tufts of lax flower panicles form, slowly drying to last all Summer. Swaying in the  wind above soft mounds of downy narrow leaves. Popular with flower arrangers as the flower heads can be dried for unusual arrangements.

This evergreen perennial grass requires an annual prune to maintain vibrant fresh foliage, best done after flowering and before millions of fine, dark seeds begin to fall. Trimming is easily simply gather a handful of the long grasses and flower stalks and cut and inch above ground level. Cut cleanly with a sharp pair of secateurs or shears, try to create a low mound of stalks. I recommend using a hand rake and gently teasing the centre of the grass to remove snails, slugs and any dead grass from the middle.

Instead of cutting them all at once do them in a timely manner, as they begin to look shabby trim them hard back. Your newly trimmed grasses would benefit from a good water and liquid feed at this stage to encourage fresh new leaves. A few weeks later you will notice the green shoots as your Snowy Woodrush regenerates a new mound of bright green foliage.

Luzula nivea is a very attractive low mound forming grass that retains a very natural open habit whilst flowering, in my opinion worthy of place in any garden or woodland planting. Beware of it’s tendency to set seed, prevent self sown new arrivals in your garden by trimming as suggested prior to seed setting and remember to allow a few seeds to fall for sharing with your friends and neighbours.

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  1. I’m already a convert! Mine looks lovely in clumps, in our Woodland garden, blending in with all the shrubs and perennials, creating a very natural look.

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