Invite Spring into your home…

Spring reminds us that warmer weather, longer days and warm winds are heading our way, also signalling the end of winter for dormant flora and fauna, keen to use up stored energy to start new life.

We often associate the coming of spring with cleaning, similarly animals clear out their dormant burrows and nests to introduce smart, clean bedding in preparation for rearing this seasons offspring.

Fresh blossoms, nettle tips, honeysuckle flowers and the brave snowdrops “Galanthus nivalis” breaking frozen ground to greet us.


Picking Daffodils when in tight bud and bring them into a warm room will soon have them filling the room with spring cheer.



Try cutting a few branches of Forysthia while still dormant, if you time it just right instead of a flourish of leaves you will get branches filled with fresh star like yellow flowers in less than a week.
Inviting the Spring into your home will not only a fresh new look and a delicate blossom scent but also encourage you to spend time outdoors as the weather begins to improve.



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