A Stroll in the Garden with Pammy, Pippie, a swarm of Wasps and even a Pigs Tail…

Typical, The best laid plans of mice and men. All week I have been preparing for my eldest Son and his American husband’s visit, mowing lawns, weeding, cleaning, all ready to show off how good the garden looks. 


So last night after returning from a lovely day with Tom and Lucy (Daughter and son in law) and little Alfie (grandson), I invited Robert up to see the garden, it was getting late, in the afternoon, but I thought never mind some of the weeds might not be so obvious. So with the last of the sun’s ray’s and a glass of wine in hand we headed up the Garden path. 


Robert loved the garden and fully appreciated all my efforts, then we got to the veg patch, where to my dismay, we were all attacked, by a swarm of wasps, poor Robert got stung twice on the same leg, Steve got stung on each leg, and I got stung on the face. Ooh the pain, we ran back to the house and applied vinegar, and attended to our wounds, not nice. 

Anyway after the initial shock, Robert bravely volunteered to help me, to kill the nest, I knew where it was, so armed with our spray and all wrapped up, we ventured into the dark, and sprayed them with foam, then ran back to the house. 




Meanwhile Pippie my beloved terrier had happily been chewing on her new bone, oblivious to the drama, but what really made me laugh was Robert, who on his return shouted out, it is bad enough, all that we have had to deal with, but to climb over Pippie’s pig tail lying fly infested on the steps, is just too much! Pammy.xx



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