Re-claiming Natures Way – Roots and All

Mother nature has her own way of re-claiming the countryside, she has provided us with a limitless wealth of flora and fauna.

Gardeners are always keen to broaden the range of plants their garden hosts, often selecting plants that are naturally foreigners to their new location.

Providing our refugee plants a non hostile growing environment can be a time consuming and costly affair… Yet Gardeners are passionate about rising to the challenge, often opting to provided sheltered accommodation or changing the soil’s delicate balance to ensure the correct mix of nutrients, ph and moisture are available.

Mother nature is not so naive, she sticks to what she knows and allows plants to disperse freely and germinate only when the perfect growing conditions prevail. That said there are of course exceptions to the rule and persistent seedlings, tolerant of extreme growing conditions do attempt to re-claim our developed land.

Take for example this Sycamore seedling that is determined to bring the house down.


I love how your can see the vast network of roots that would normally be out of sight.


See how the roots are growing down the bricks and stones in search of moisture and anchoring themselves into a medium a little more accommodating.

Love to know what you see in the close up picture of these roots…. Our followers on Instagram have risen to the challenge and include comments like the Devil, A Witch and Children playing! What do you see? Comments invited…

Love to know what you see in this interesting photo I took of the vast root system of this sycamore tree.

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