Camellia in dappled shade – A journey in oils by Pammy

Taking a journey that connects art with nature, Pammy combines the depth and textures of oils with the natural beauty of flowers and angels.

Follow Pammy’s journey in Art with work in progress oil on canvas painting entitled “Camellia in dappled shade” A journey with Oils on canvas by Pammy.


Pammy an Art tutor, Craftsperson and accomplished artist invites you to share her journey in oils with this Camellia in dapple shade the first of a collection of canvas paintings called “Spirit of Nature”


My first photograph shows the base layer of oils as my painting begins to take on shape and form. “Camellia in Dappled Shade” dimensions are 24″x12″ in fine oils on quality canvas, this is part of a series, capturing “The Spirit of Nature”.


Achieving the soft spiritual quality of this piece was the most difficult part, so I under-painted with soft light greens, then continued adding layers, whilst allowing with delicate, intricate brushwork some of the subtle colour to come through, takes a while with oils, as each layer needs to dry throughly.

Camellia in dappled shade

Camellia in Dappled Shade created free hand, using my imagination for guidance and natural surroundings for inspiration. I aim to combine the spirituality of where I live, a former Welsh chapel, that still emits, great peace, and holiness. Cefyn Vaynor Chapel was abandoned as a place of worship decades ago, still standing strong after many years of neglect the Chapel my not have as many visitors these days but the tranquility and spirituality remains to this day. Combining the Chapel sacred past, with the peace of the countryside, and majesty of nature, that surround me. It seemed only natural to name this collection “The Spirit of Nature”, by Pammy.

camellia in dappled shade a journey in oils by pammy

Camellia in Dappled Shade final

It would be awesome if we could all take a moment to help struggling artist Pammy get her art more attention. If you’d like to share this post with you friends it will go a long way to helping Pammy get a much needed pre-sale.

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