February Gail’s bring Spring charm. 

Warm winter winds in February? The Gardening nation of much of the Southern counties of U.K, have been enjoying a particularly mild winter! 

Now with the early, global warming signs of Spring. 

2016 is fast becoming a wet and warm start to the year, with January ‘s high winds and rain brought little of the sub-zero temperatures we’ve been used to. 
Whilst heavy flooding and Gail force winds abound, areas of the British  countryside are Springing into action.

Birds are signing, building nests and I even discovered some freshly hatched pigeon eggshells just a few days ago.

Strangest thing in my garden the winter aconites are flowering alongside the daffodils, the crocus and the snowdrops fresh and new and all together. 

I am concerned about my Allium there shoots haven gotten so tall, almost 12″ already! Heaven knows when they are planning to flower in April with the Tulips.

It’s a crazy year weather wise with both extremes. The north and south divide in play or as this current band of hurricane Harry would suggest west meets east head on. 

The high winds are causing havoc with high sided vehicles! We have had to re-schedule returning our hire bull… Travelling with livestock should always be treated with caution, especially in difficult driving conditions. 

Whilst carrying out a perimeter check of the estate I manage, I was surprised to see Hawthorn coming into leaf and violets breaking ground.

 It appears as though the tales of old are indeed true! And Gardeners like Farmers do love to talk about the weather. 


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