Peppers, Peas, Potatoes and Onion Sets – Surving a blustery week in February.

Wet and Windy February 

In the Garden this week we are Springing into action and sowing our early season vegetables and herbs. Partly because the mild winter is making us all feel the  stirrings of Spring.

Early mange tout and a late sowing of Broad beans are already reaching a few inches high.

Peppers and Tomatoes sown in early Feb will have plenty of time to develop strong root systems and support network for producing heavy Summer crops.

It pays to plan well ahead and when your pre ordered potato sets show up the first week of February then your doing something right. 

We are growing eight varieties from earlies to lates potatoes. Chitting is an important technique to encourage sprouting, saving precious time in early Spring.


Last Autumn we planted three thousand cowslips that were convinenatly sent in these handy plug trays.   These large plug tray insets are a perfect size for our Snowball onion sets.

and to finish this weeks gardening….

Forced Hyacinths and Amaryliss ready for display in the Orangery.


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