Campanula takesmania Alba – A growers guide. 


I love adding new and exciting Campanula to my perennial Garden borders. In almost every garden I have designed and created I include several different varieties of Campanula from a vast selection of hardy and rewarding plants.

Many of you will be familiar with a least a few Campanula, as it is a huge genus of largely, hardy herbaceous perennials of all shapes and sizes.

Campanula is happy scrambling over rocks in an alpine garden or choose a variety that will tower high above other perennials and shrubs in a mixed border.

Campanula takemansia Alba is a fine example of a very special Campanula with its large hanging tubular creamy white bells reminiscent of  the smaller lavender blue, wild meadow harebell flowers.

This unusual Campanula has Large tubular hanging bells that are often associated with many of the taller growing species of Campanula.

Campanula takemansia Alba reaching only 24″ high in full flower with heavy dropping arched stems above a mound of  heart shaped emerald green leaves add great shape and form to any full sun or particles shade location.

Campanula takesmiana is a rare and highly regarded herbacous perennials with pure white dropping bells flowers that follow in succession moving the length of the flowering arched stem.Easy to grow and hardy benefiting from a full sun, free draining location.

This white Campanula is popular with Gardeners and Garden designers, often incorporated into many designs for it dramatic shape and form.

To get the designer look plant in bold groups or make a statement with large individual plants repeated throughout your design. Works well with Geranium renardii, Euphorbia and Salvia.

Sow fresh seeds in a sandy loam compost, water sparingly just enough to prevent the compost drying out and in a few weeks to several months your seeds will germinate erratically.

Chilling your seeds in the vegetable draw of the refrigerator prior to sowing may improve your germination rates.

Germination can take anything from 30-365 days but is well worth the wait.



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    Very Interesting article. Looking forward to your article about growing Apple Trees in small gardens! Thank you for sharing!

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