Libertia grandiflora – A Growers Guide

Liberita grandiflora is a hardy grassy leaf-like perennial that forms a dense clump of iris like foliage followed by masses of spikes of delicate pure white flowers in early summer.

Long flowering and attractive, Libertia forms dried seed heads that last well into winter. Deserving of a sunny well drained location in any garden and at a height of just 70cm-90cm it grows well with other perennials and bulbs.


Libertia offer a great way to introduce a touch of interest, contrast and masses of frothy bright white flower spikes into your garden borders.

Happiest in free draining soil in full sun these ornamental hardy grass like perennials, with strappy iris like foliage will liven up any sunny corner of your garden.

Flowering for much of the Summer these large white spikes flowers will dance and sway, held aloft a grassy green mound of spiky leaves stems that along with the flower head, dry to a crisp and make a great feature in a flower arrangement.


Easy to grow from seed they will germinate quickly to provide you with young plants to grow on for years of pleasure.

Libertia usually germinate without much trouble but if you want improved germination then you may get improved results by providing a period of cold to break any seed dormancy.

Placing your plant pot in a sealed ziplock bag with quality seed compost (or a zip-lock bag with vermiculite) in a fridge will trick the seed into thinking it has under gone a winter and as you provide warmer temps of 15-20C and keep damp but not wet in a light window or glasshouse propagator.

Germination can take anything from 30-365 days but is well worth the wait.




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