Clianthus puniceus – Flamingo Pink – Parrots Beak – Lobster Claw

Parrots Bill or Lobster claw may sound like an unusual name for a climber, that is until  you see the claw like, Flamingo Pink, flowers up close.

Vivid pink and scarlet flushed flowers appear in the earliest of Springs during a mild winter in the UK. If you are fortunate enough to have a full sun wall and protection from cold biting winds then maybe you should consider a tropical looking climbing tender shrub to amaze your visitors. Each bright pink flower is approx 3″ in length and last for many weeks in a frost free home.

Interested in growing the unusual Lobster claw for yourself? The Parrots Beak is a show stopper and don’t be surprised if during its early flowering season you get asked it’s name by passers by.  Read my Head gardener tips for growing Lobster claw at home…

Favoured by butterflies and a whole host of flying insects the Lobster claw will delight all that discover this unusual tropical shrub.


Best grown on a sunny wall with plenty of support on a trellis or my favoured support system incorporating vine eyes and wires. Soft green ferny foliage survives all year round in mild regions of the UK or in a sheltered garden where the protection of a wall is essential.


The branches of this fat growing shrub can be lax and brittle, so support is essential. Line wires provide the best means of support and you can learn how to provide this training system for wall climbing plants in your garden here.

Purchasing this unusual climbing shrub for your own garden can be tricky, best contact your local garden centre and ask them if they can source a Clianthus puniceus – Flamingo Pink – Parrots Beak – Lobster Claw for you.

Best planted after the fear of frost has passed providing a summer growing season to enable the Clianthus puniceus – Flamingo Pink – Parrots Beak – Lobster Claw to establish on your sunny wall. Be prepared to protect your Clianthus puniceus – Flamingo Pink – Parrots Beak – Lobster Claw with frost protection fleece if a hard frost if forecast.

Clianthus puniceus – Flamingo Pink – Parrots Beak – Lobster Claw flowers produce very few seeds so best propagated by semi-ripe cuttings in a propagator.

However if you prefer to grow your perennial plants from seed, check out my range of 99p ‪#‎seeds‬ that are both easy and rewarding to grow! Follow a few simple rules and you will soon have a whole range of seedlings growing for your ‪#‎Garden‬ borders.


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