Plant Tree Paeonia – a taste of the exotic Peony

Tree Paeonia may look like a delicate large flowered multi-stemmed shrub, who’s large rich apple green leaves give a taste of the exotic, but in-fact it’s a fast growing shrub that will need some space if it’s going to flourish in your garden.

Bright yellow flowers often over 7cm wide, adorn this exotic, highly sort after and highly effective impressive shrub.

Exotic tree peony

Here a few great tips from Kelways Plants 

Once your plant is established your going to want to know how to prune it.

Sharing this plant with friends and family is also easy, after a few years your plant will begin to flower, after flowering this handsome shrub develops some large mis-shaped pea like green pods. These unusual pods twist and turn whilst drying, eventually cracking open to expose some large black shiny seeds.

Collecting these seeds and growing extra plants is also easy, once the seeds have been exposed to a few winter frosts there outer shell becomes soft and allows the seed to absorb moisture. As the seed soaks up water and nutrients the emerging embryo will develop a root system and a new seedling will quickly appear.

Growing new plants from seed is a rewarding and passionate hobby that can become quite addictive my range of 99p seeds is a great way to get started with some unusual, yet easy to grow perennials and shrubs for your garden. Check out my selection of 100’s of 99p Perennial seeds & Free delivery when you buy 5+ from igrowhort


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