Extreme Plant Shopping – Finding a rose amongst so many thorns

I think it’s fair to say that most men detest shopping! I certainly would agree, when it comes to shopping for food or clothes I’m usually bored  within a few minutes.

However take me plant shopping and that’s another story. In-fact when it comes to buying quality plants I’m a shopaholic.

Finding quality plants for sale can be quite a challenge, often garden centres are full of the latest seasonal flowering annuals or short lived perennials. Over priced and delicate flowering plants that last no more than a few weeks in your own home or garden borders.

So imagine my delight on finding a quality plant stall right on my doorstep in a local market! Not only that but a delightful couple running the stall, who are obviously passionate about perennials and alpines.

What I adore most about my new find is that the display would not look out of place at the Chelsea Flower show or Hampton Court for that matter.

When growers put this much attention and detail into displaying plants for sale. The non plant person amongst us may think it’s little extreme but not only does this stall send my pulse racing but it also sends me heading for my wallet .


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