Make Room for easy to Grow Meconopsis cambrica – The Welsh Poppy

Meconopsis cambrica is one of the easiest of the Papaver family to grow, accounting for its widespread distribution. Establishing itself in its favoured position of light dappled shade in a moisture retentive humus-rich soil that does not dry out. Rich green finely lobed leaves creates a mound of lush foliage in the Spring quickly followed by torpedo shaped flower buds on straight thin wiry stems that hold the paper-thin yellow flowers aloft the woodland flower.

A stunning perennial poppy that will quickly establish itself amongst other shade loving perennials and ferns. Buy 99p Meconopsis cambrica seeds here

The Welsh poppy provides masses of paper thin bright yellow or orange flowers will brighten up a dank shady corner of your garden. Plant with Hosta’s, ferns and Spring bulbs to create a relaxing tranquil area in your garden. A moisture-retentive soil will keep this shade loving finely cut leaf poppy in good condition.


Growing from seed is easy but by following these simple instructions you are bound to get a better germination result then simply scattering the seed directly. To get the best results these seeds are best sown thinly on the surface of a quality moist, seed compost cover lightly with sieved compost or vermiculite and seal in a polythene bag to retain moisture.
Germination will take place in a cool well-lit position, ensure the compost does not dry out by placing a plant saucer or a plant tray beneath your freshly down pots.
Seedlings will appear during the next 3 months these should’ve pricked out individually and handled with care when potting up into a 9 cm pot to grow on.



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  1. A beauty!


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