Swarms, Swarms, Swarms

Riddlesden bees

On Thursday 11th there was a swarm frenzy around Keighley. I had 4 phone calls regarding swarms in the area. I managed to get to one in Silsden. When I got there it looked like a nice little swarm on a rock and a near by rose bush. I put down a white sheet with the nuc box on top and gave them a little smoke to push them in the right direction. They obliged and started walking towards the nuc. Some of them wanted to climb up the rock, so I placed a little Skep on the top of this. After 45mins they were walking into the nuc and a few were fanning, summoning the rest of the colony. I had a quick look under the Skep which was fulling up nicely. Then I noticed a little red dot running around, I had found the queen. The half full…

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