Potatoes can be beautiful too

Do you think Potatoes are dull? These photos may help change the way you feel about the humble potato.

Love your garden potatoes

The Biking Gardener

spuds june 264 Early potatoes in the foreground and maincrop in the background

Potatoes rule the world. They have come a long way since they made the trip across the Atlantic to Europe. They produce massive crops in cool climates and, apart from Late Blight which devastates the crop, most famously in the Irish potato famine in the 1840s, are easy and reliable to grow. But, like their close relatives the tomato, they are in the nightshade family and were not easily accepted by Europeans when they were introduced. I was reminded of this, and a strange incident to popularise potatoes in France, when I was looking at the ‘Blue Danube’ patch yesterday. ‘Blue Danube’ is a recent introduction and is one of the Sarpo range (pronounced sharpo) which are of Hungarian descent and now popular because of their resistance to blight. ‘Sarpo Axona’ is one I have grown before and it is…

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