Allium worthy of a place in your garden

I have discovered a new love for Allium’s and who wouldn’t? In a variety of colours, shapes and sizes Alliums really are a long flowering winner for any sunny Garden or patio.

A is for Allium

Allium “Purple Sensation” reaching over 4ft high and beneath Allium cristophii at just 2ft high. The best way to introduce a selection of Hardy Allium’s in your garden is to plant bulbs in the Autumn, read on and buy Allium seeds or bulbs, a border mix online.

A is for Allium

Starting to flower as the last of the Tulips fade, Alliums are a fantastic addition to your Garden, riding the gap between Spring and Summer perennials with a riot of colourful globe shaped flower heads that sway high above Summer flowering perennials and shrubs.

A is for Allium


A is for Allium

The relatively dry June and promise, of hotter drier July is allowing our Alliums to provide masses of pollen for the bees and insects that feed from the huge starry blooms.

A is for Allium

Allium “Mount Everest” living up to it’s name with it’s snow white flowers complemented by a dense planting of perennial Salvia, Nepeta and Campanula. Each providing a colourful carpet beneath the large star filled flowerhead’s.

Choose three o four different Allium varieties for your own garden, like Allium ‘Globemaster’, A. “Mount Everest” or Allium cristophii at just 2ft tall.r

Plant Allium bulbs in the Autumn or plant into containers for over wintering and plant as the bulbs leaves begin to emerge in the Spring. Growing Allium bulbs in pots and planting the newly emerged plants out in the Spring ensures a better success rate and less chance of the bulbs rotting in the ground during the cold wet winter months.



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  1. Bec says:

    Lovely alliums – I had hardly any this year – I think the bulbs rotted or the squirrels had them – I’m going to try them in pots next year…


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