Grow Perennials – Plant Supports problem solved

It’s the same story every year! You plan to invest in some plant supports for your garden and turn your back for a second and the garden borders are already full and flourishing with lush vigorous perennials that require support.

Plant supports

This year is no different with the warm Spring and Sunny days of late the garden has exploded, even before the daffodils are over the Tulips, Magnolia’s and even the odd Wisteria is in flower thanks to some warm Spring sunshine and high temperatures for April. My concern is these soft water filled stems that have rushed into growth with the ambient temperatures are going to be brittle and susceptible to damage from heavy rain and gusty winds.

Twist Easys

Twist Easy Plant Supports that blend into the foliage with an olive green finish.

Tulip flowers and magnolia petals are quick to replace the leaf collection of Autumn and make us aware that before long roses and summer perennials will be upon us.

Supporting hardy perennials has always been a bug bare of mine, us gardeners are so busy in the Spring that often it’s too late to consider supporting the taller perennials, that often require support as they begin to flower. Having gardened for many years I have tried and tested many forms of plant support! From the intricate web of good old-fashioned gardeners thing and brittle bamboo canes that splinter and decay after a single season to the numerous availability of plant supports that offer a quick fix solution to all your plant support needs!

Plant supports

Before rushing to buy the latest fad in plant supports I’d like to share with you my experience and hope you take my advice and invest wisely in a collection of plant supports that not only improve your gardens appearance but also cuts down the work and improves efficiency for many years to come.

Plant supports


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  1. Bec says:

    I could certainly do with some advice – esp for my front garden which gets alot more wind than in my dinky back garden


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