Discover the beauty of blue wood anemones

blue wood anemoneThe great thing about gardening is that there is always something new and exciting to discover, take the simple, uncomplicated wood anemone for example. Lighting up the forest floor as it emerges from hibernation, Anemone nemorosa is a delight to be hold, usually bright white star like flowers amass the first floor delighting all that discover this natural wild flower which has populated much of  Europe. 

Slowly colonising the woodland floor in a deep carpet of dainty six petal flowers with spreading rhizome that thrive in a deep rich humus consisting of many years of rooted leaf mould.

This wild British native flower is related to the buttercup and as such is regarded as poisonous, the delicate buds of the Anemone flowers push though the leafy soil and open in dappled shade. Often tinged pink the wood anemone can be found in several shades and flower variations, some species cultivated to enhance the flowers size and color for garden use.

Traveling across Europe it is not unusually to see drifts of wood anemones in varying shades of off white, delicate pinks, blues and even yellows. Popular garden varieties include Anemone ‘Royal blue’ ‘Bowles Purple’ and even doubles like ‘Alba Plena’ ‘Bracteata Pleniflora’ and even A. × lipsiensis ‘Pallida’ with sunlight yellow flowers.

If you are looking to plant wood anemones in your garden, try starting out with the wild British native and if you are able to get this established in a shady corner of your garden then perhaps you would like to try some of the cultivated varieties? Buy Anemone numerous here.  


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