Look after your hands by caring for your gardening gloves

cleaning glovesGardening without gloves can result in painful cracked skin and dry hands that require a generous heap of Nivea moisturiser every evening just to keep your hands soft. Investing in a quality pair of leather gardening gloves can help elevate gardeners hands, that’s as long as you know how to care for your precious gardening gloves.

Often left in the tool shed or placed amongst gardening shoes, your gloves will need some occasional maintenance to keep them in perfect condition and ready to wear.

Gloves over time become brittle, dirty and damp, finding the time to properly dry and clean your gloves after each use will ensure your new leather gardening gloves last several season instead of just a few weeks.

New gardening gloves may feel a little stiff when you first try them on, make this process easier by applying a little baking soda or talc inside your gloves to make them easier to slip on or if your skin is already dry why not try a little sunscreen rubbed into your hands? You will find the gloves slip on much simpler and your hands remain moist while you garden.

If you forget to leave your gloves to dry, then it’s quite likely they will still be wet, perhaps even smelly when you next need them? Instead of leaving your gloves to chance, try using a hair dryer to blow warm air inside the gloves to dry the insides of each glove before storing them away.

Did you know that the word glove comes from the anglo saxon word glof which means “Palm of Hand”?


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