Keep your Mother’s Day Azaleas healthy and disease free with household products.

Lurking in the kitchen cupboards or fridge are a number of household products that can help keep your Azaleas in top condition all year round. Azaleas typically bought as house plant for Mother’s Day or an easter gift for a loved one can be kept free from pests and diseases.

Even if your Azaleas feature as part of your Gardens design, planted in containers or directly in the ground, it will surprise you to learn that, there are several household products that you can use to improve the health of your flowering Azaleas.

After a hard day gardening, you may like to crack a can of Budweiser light beer and mix and shot glass full with two equal parts of water. Pour this mixture on the compost at watering time for an excellent plant food for acid loving plants. Flat Cola will increase the acidity of the compost or soil, which is an essential growing medium for Ericaceous plants like Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Camellias.

Treating a larger area of the border to maintain an Ericaceous growing medium would require an awful lot of cola, so in this instance it would be better to to use Epsom Salts at a ratio of a 1/2 pound per 150 square feet.

Did you know that Azaleas given as a gift symbolise Temperance.


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