A Love for Learning


Passion comes in many forms, a love for life, friends, family. Perhaps a love for learning which often comes from a deep need of education, personal advancement and a desire to develop our all inquisitive minds.

Gone are the days when learning is limited to a school curriculum, with a world of knowledge available with the touch of a button, we have at out finger tips all the information we could possible need. Strangely enough this technological advancement appears to be making the younger generation mindfully lazy, we no longer need to remember, memorise or recall masses of written information, these days we can simple Google it! It’s no wonder we are glued to our handheld devices, soaking up current affairs, news, updates and getting answers to our most recent questions.

I have a real passion for learning for knowledge, taught, learnt and shared and whilst this abundance of data at the flick of a switch is like having our very own expert at our disposal. There is nothing better than learning from an expert, a professional of their field who has a wealthy of knowledge and a willingness to share. Mentors come in many forms, friends can help steer us in a new direction, often family are responsible for igniting a fire in out bellies that never goes out.

I feel a warm rosy glow even on the coldest bleakest, winters day when I get the opportunity to share, train advise or simply put teach others about Gardening and Estate Management.


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  1. And what a gorgeous Amaryllis.


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