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I have been extremely fortunate with growing my own career, the choices I made were guided by mentors that understood my desire to learn and Grow horticulturally. Since I have always been looking to learn, build and develop my skill set it was I guess inevitable I would take on a role with managerial responsibilities. As a working Head Gardener for a large Estate in middle England, not only have I found this role but I also retain the opportunity to get my hands dirty from time to time. If your looking to kick start an exciting career in Gardening or develop your practical horticultural skill set, then I may have the perfect gardening job vacancy for you! Read on for top tips to securing your dream job…Growing a career in gardening

Finding the perfect garden job for yourself is not as difficult as it might first appear! Daunted by the endless recruitment agencies with exacting standards to simple get a chance of being selected? I believe they are the fortunate ones that you have selected them, so instead of jumping through hoops to meet their demands, find an agency that can work with you and your talents.

Once you have browsed and connected with a Horticultural recruitment agency that works for you, make personal contact, ensure they know who you are follow-up and become a person on their books not just a CV. Establishing yourself a professional or a determined job seeker will guarantee you get selected for the interviews you want.

First name terms is essential, call follow-up respond to every email apply for every position that has even the slightest fit. Your probably thinking this all sounds a little heavy-handed? Well take my own experience for example: I applied for several positions posted numerous CV’s with very little response, yet all in a five-day period! Perhaps I was expecting to much too soon! Then it happened I had in my haste applied for two vacancies that were being recruited by the same person, the same interviewer via the same agency, easy done. Yet the person responsible for interviewing me the original poster of the advertisement noted my keenness and adaptability and whilst thought I was over qualified for the first position, decided the second vacancy was a perfect fit.Growing careers in gardening

Result! We spoke for an hour on the telephone, relaxed and although I did not know it at the time I was being asked some very specific questions and assessed on my response. My advice at this point? Prepare, prepare and prepare again I had two sides of A4 notes, place names, popular gardeners, my inspiration, plant names, dates in fact anything I could think of that may be relevant to the conversation. Nothing worse than having a mental block during a telephone interview!

A day later I got called up for interview, booked my flight traveled two and a half thousand kilometres for the face to face meeting and after a five-hour interview. secured the job there and then. You will know almost immediately if you have got the job, first impressions really do count, your appearance needs to fit the role. Get advise ask friends but most of all do your research.

When you’re looking for a new job the one thing you have plenty of is time, google everything you can about the location, the vacancy, the owners and the properties history, you will be amazed what a little research can do.

Remember is as much about them finding you a perfect fit for the vacancy as it is you deciding the role is a perfect fit for you and your career development. Best of luck.Grow a career in horticulture

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  1. I’ve often thought about jacking it all in and getting a job tending the local parks, but I have no horticulture skills, qualifications or experience. Maybe I should follow your points and then go from there.

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