Mayfair Window Boxes bring winters cheer to Central London.

On a recent trip to Mayfair, Central London, I could not help but notice how grey everywhere seemed without trees, well the trees are still here of course but without thier leaves, they tend to blend into the grey concrete skyscrapers.

London Window Boxes

Cold winds frost laden winds and gloomy cloudy skies, bare branches and mud scorched grass make us dream of Spring. So by mid January, it’s no surprise that we all need some colour in our lives. I love the way the bright orange, terracotta pots pull in the colour of the 2nd floor brickwork. Then closely replicated in the salmon flushed cyclamen, finished off with some deep green foliage, in the form of emerald green trailing Ivies and standard Lollipop Bay trees.

London Window BoxesHere the use of winter flowering shrubs and evergreen grasses are a well thought out use of winter hardy plants. The container is cleverly hidden in a bed of green and variegated ives, the compliment this Mayfair London home.

London Window Boxes London Window Boxes

London Window Boxes

London Window Boxes

London Window Boxes

London Window Boxes


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  1. During my brief visit to London, I was enchanted by all the flowers hanging over walls and suspended from lamp posts! Thank you for reminding me of that visit and sharing the beauty!


  2. You’re right: such a joy to see greenery and flowers at this time of year. Here in southern Ontario, it’s freezing.


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