A Very Berry New Year Quiz

Did you know that traditionally Christmas tree’s were decorated with winter flowers and berries, mosses, dried fruit even nuts and pine cones! These days we tend to opt for the mass produced glitz and glitter that arrives intertwined with the festive season of the 21st century.

Perhaps for Christmas 2015 you could try adding a little natural foliage and berries to the mantlepiece or window ledges of your home, invites the best of the outdoors in and leaving those biting winds behind.

Decorating with a natural harvest is very rewarding, whether it’s a simple wreath or a table centrepiece. It is sure to be a welcome addition to your Christmas decorations.

Need some assistance when identifying Winter berries? The following photo quiz will help you fill your home with the right types of berries and leaves.

No 1: These wild berries are packed full of vitamin C and last well into the Winter, if you are fortunate to beat the birds and mice to them then these _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ would be perfect dried or fresh in a wreath or table centre.

No 2: One for the gardeners these purple berries of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ feature in many a woodland setting late Autumn into winter and make a super addition to seasonal arrangements and decorations.
No 3: Nice and easy to identify but do you know the latin name with four letters _ _ _ _?
No 4: Your sure to know this one from the leaves but would you have identified the berries of the _ _ _ on their own?
No 5: Large colour rich, frosted clusters of berries from this widely grown _ _ _ _ _ _ tree is not an uncommon site in Winter.
No 6: A sliver leaved shrub that is tolerates costal conditions well. The berries of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ are a welcome addition to any garden in winter.
No 7: Birds flock to these trees in Autumn to pick the ripe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ berries.
No 8: These attractive red berries of this handsomely stately _ _ _ tree, come with a caution the plants, leaves, bark and seeds are considered poisonous and to be treated with care.
No 9: Ornamental fruit trees that typical hold onto their fruit for longer are a welcome addition to a winters garden. These _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ although sour to taste make a good ornament or jelly.
No 10: The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ genus includes a range of medium to large deciduous and evergreen shrubs that reward us with flowers and berries throughout the season.

The Answers to our Very Berry New Year quiz can be found here 🙂


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I had taken my kids on a nature walk and we saw the berries in #5. Now I can finally tell the kids what they are!


    1. growhort says:

      Thanks Elisabeth, Glad you enjoyed the quiz.


  2. Nancy Kay says:

    That’s quite an impressive berry collection! I especially love the color of the purple berries
    and would love see those up close.


    1. growhort says:

      Callicarpa or beauty berry is a awesome shrub with the metallic violet berries and lavender star like flowers. Deserving of a blog post all of it’s own! I will include some close up pictures for you Nancy.


  3. Wow! I know NOTHING about berries! LOL!

    Great info and very interesting! I have to say… I have seen many of these, however, I did not know much about them. I recall seeing the Yew berries as a child and being told they were poisonous!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. growhort says:

      Cheers Paul, I enjoy sharing my passion for plants with others.


  4. great collection of berries and photos. I only knew a couple. 🙂


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