Social Media for Growing Gardens

social media gardeningGardening attracts a large amount of media attention both socially online and during the season of flower shows and garden fete’s. In-fact horticulture generates a huge revenue from market gardeners to garden designer, plant sales and associated gardening products.

Hardly surprising that Gardening invites a massive social following, it is such a diverse industry there is always going a wealth of information sought and thanks to the global internet, widely available to the professional and the amateur gardener the world over.

I regularly use Google search engines to research horticultural questions. I find it invaluable for expanding, my knowledge base, asking questions and getting help to identify a vast array of plants, pests and diseases.

There are Gardening news feeds and apps that once subscribed will provide your inbox with a steady supply of gardening news, tips and advice. Signing up with your email or downloading the latest app to your smart phone or tablet will ensure you are kept up to date with all the latest horticultural rss feeds.

The following social links are my favourite social sites for asking and answering fellow gardeners questions, posting photographs for identification and sharing my gardening experiences with other likeminded gardeners.

Social media platforms are always changing and updating to offer the very best online experience for it’s followers and by spending just a few minutes a day visiting these following social gardening groups and pages, you can make new friends with common interests in no time at all, making it easy to become a Social Gardener.

Facebook offers a social media platform that is relatively simple to use, yet offers a wealth of social groups and niche communities that welcome new followers.

If you Love Gardening then the following favourite pages or groups may be of interest to you.

We Love Gardening

Worldwide Plant Identification Group

Container Gardening

Foraging School

Friendly Gardeners


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