Ab-fabulous London Garden Bridge but at what cost to cross the Thames?

Wouldn’t it be ab-fabulous to build a Garden on a bridge spanning the River Thames?

Love to know what you think about  the recent turn of events that means plans to build a garden bridge may be falling down after all! 

Creating a tourist attraction in London to encourage visitors from all over the World is nothing new! The London Eye and Winter Wonderland currently running in Hyde Park tempt international tourists from far and wide, but building a foot bridge to span the 1200+ feet across the Thames River in Central London may seem an extreme attempt to make London a greener city.

The latest idea to be approved is a multi-million pound deal to build yet another foot bridge across the River Thames! Claims raised by the GBT – Garden bridge trust, that this construction will improve the lives of residents and spokesperson Joanne Lumley is quoted as saying the bridge is the crown on the head of our (ab-fab) fabulous city.

Stretching across the river linking Temple with South Bank the  “Garden bridge” is set to cost of over £175 million and has had the green light to proceed.

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Historically London bridges feature as daily news for all sorts of reason’s and based on the attention this the latest Garden Bridge is generating. I am sure we will all be talking about London’s newest foot bridge for a long time.

The 370m bridge clad in copper and designed to enable the planting of over 270 trees, shrubs and flowers, with meaning pathways and woodland feel, is sure to be an ecological wonder and a joy to behold!

“Either that or a poorly managed eyesore that detracts from the city skyline?”

But would the money be better spent improving the inner city infrastructure? The roads, tunnels and underground all have valid proposals awaiting approval and funding, love to know what you think?

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