Movie goers head to Philadelphia’s Gardens

Screening a movie blockbuster for the local community may be a feature of the past but forward thinking committee for the PHS Pennsylvania Horticultural Society have utilised the power of the movies to share with others.

Innovation, clever marketing and a promotion strategy to outrank all other Horticultural societies. This is my first thought i when I researched the PHS Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and their new theme Movie gardens, for the 2015 Annual flower show.

Famous for hitting the Philadelphia news headlines and filling the high streets of inner city Philly with record-breaking crowds of local city residents keen to be involved and support events and range of activities, movies and Pop-up beer gardens. The PHS hosts these well laid out thought-provoking and horticultural sound gardens that are appearing all over the city of brotherly love.

Once famous for music Philadelphia is just one of the trendy cities finding it’s voice among the waste ground and derelict sites that once stood empty and hazardous! Yet today play host to a riot of colour, music, movies and crowds of local residents enjoying the buzz and soul-searching atmosphere that these Pop Up gardens have created.

Interested in learning more about Pennsylvania’s Horticultural Society events and Pop up gardens? Join their Facebook page here or if your planning a visit to the Flower Show be sure to download the app.


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