How to Avoid Wacky Gardening Themed Christmas Gifts

Christmas Rose

Struggling to find the perfect or not so perfect Christmas stocking filler for a gardening friend or foe?

If your into giving gardening Christmas gifts to friends and family, then perhaps you will consider some of these, (dare I say tongue in cheek) stocking fillers!

To avoid wacky themed Christmas Stocking fillers! Like these …. Grow your own stir fry! Fresh grass cologne or a nutrient rich tea bag for your watering can? Don’t click this link via Best stocking filler presents for gardeners for under £15 – Telegraph.

May I suggest you give Christmas a little more thought and leave yourself some time to prepare a gift for a loved one or family member.

Family and friends often invite me round for tea and cake, in return for a spot of gardening advice! I enjoy making my suggestions and even getting my secateurs out during my visit. Whilst offering my horticultural words of wisdom I often suggest plants or shrubs that would make a worthy addition to the garden.

So it’s only natural that my Christmas shopping list consists of a rather well-informed list of noteworthy shrubs and perennials destined for my friends and families gardens.

Checking out my local garden centre in December, I try to avoid the distraction of all the Christmas glitz and glamour, trinkets and tinsel, instead I head to the hardy plant section and look for winter flowering evergreen shrubs. (Do click on this link for my top ten Plants for Christmas Gifts)

Christmas Flowering Evergreen Shrubs

These first tolerant shrubs and perennials are guaranteed to perform year after year and will be a permanent addition to your friends garden, regardless of whether next year you make it for coffee and mince pies.


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