Tool Box Talks – Share Health and Safety Best Practise.

Going about your daily routine at home or at work, how often do you think about the safety implications of what your doing?toolbox talks

Perhaps your over stretching to clean those hard to reach places, using furniture instead of getting a step ladder to save time. Using a ladder without supervision, or power tools without the appropriate safety gear? These are all common errors of judgement that occur everyday and unfortunately increase the risks of accidents.

Health and safety is everyones responsibility, whether your working alone, in a public place or working as part of a team. Taking the time to consider hazards and assess there risks involved is both you and your employees responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

health and safetyIf you have concerns about Health and safety at work speak to your representative or line manager it is their duty to act upon this and make sure they act on it. If you are concerned then perhaps speak to your manager about Tool Box Talks and risk assessments, these are essential in our fast moving workplace environments especially where several people work together.

Health and Safety is all about raising awareness to the hazard associated with your home or workplace, preventing accidents before they occur is a major concern and should be addressed immediately.

via Health and Safety Toolbox Talks.


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