Will you be joining the STIHL Garden Cordless Revolution

Garden Cordless ToolsWinter is a great time to take stock, carry out repairs and replace garden tools and machinery ready for the Spring. It also a good time to review and problem solve, use those long dark evenings to research new and improved garden tools .

Have you considered a safer, environmentally friendlier option of power tool for your Garden? Battery powered garden machinery for the professional horticulturalist may be a lot closer than you think!

In-fact with STILHL range of cordless power system, Garden products you can say goodbye to long power cables and extensions and perhaps even consider leaving those heavy, air polluting petrol engine powered tools in the garden shed.

A growing range of STIHL Garden trimmers, lawn mowers, chain saw, brush cutters and now even a circular saw, there appears to be no stopping the STIHL Cordless Revolution.

Perhaps it’s something to add to your wish list this Christmas, light weight and user friendly the benefits of going cordless are endless and with STIHL convenience come as standard, with one battery and multiple tools.

Maybe it’s time you considered the STIHL power system. via A new generation of STIHL Cordless Power Tools | STIHL | Stihl, Viking, chainsaws, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, clearing saws, high-pressure cleaners, lawn mowers, trimmers.


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