Garden Bloggers Foliage Day: Share with Friends

isWatermarkedHow are you celebrating Foliage Day? Why not try liking a few Garden pictures on instagram, checking out some gardening sites on Facebook, sharing some Autumnal photos with your friends?

Rambling in the Garden

IMG_3504Mindful of it being Garden Bloggers Foliage Day today, a meme hosted by our friend Christina at My Hesperides Garden, I took photographs of our leafy garden before we came away – it may of course look completely different now, a few days later. So, a quick whizz through November’s foliage:

Above, remaining leaves on the trees are all beginning to turn now, including next door’s beech which has yet to reach its maximum grandness, whils below my token acer, A griseum has pretty leaves and bark but there is still not a lot of it:

IMG_3507There is also a Parrotia persica which suggests some colouration on the way, the fact that it is shoved up against the wall built round the composting area probably does not helping it reach its full potential:


Any overnight chill will now bring a fresh flush of leaves on the ground, like under…

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