Remember Poppy Fields and Support UK Armed Forces Families

PoppiesThe Poppy symbolic with pride for the UK Armed Forces pays respect to the fallen and the future of the living. Wear your Poppy with pride and share your #POPPYSELFIE for the World to see. More Poppy Paintings by Pammy below or visit her website.

Live On – The British Legion Poppy Appeal

Raised Poppies Poppy fields Poppy wild flowers Poppies in field

Pammy’s latest large colourful canvas paintings have the added dimension of touch, texture and a collage feel about them.

The rough textured surface and raised flower petals in this poppy field painting enables you to not only feel your painting but also to view it as a multi-dimensional work of art.

During Pammy’s workshop you will learn first hand how to create raised textured Poppy fields for yourselves. A chance to develop a new artistic skill the idyllic, peaceful surroundings that the Chapel provides.

Join Pammy on her Facebook page or follow us on Twitter 


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