Let your lawn grow for a bee-friendly garden

“Oxeye daisies, Red and White Clover, Cowslips, Vetch and Buttercups they are just a few of the common wildflowers that are bee-friendly.

Native garden trends

Gardeners should put away their lawn mowers and allow their gardens to become wilder to help save Britain’s dwindling bee population, ministers will say today.
Elizabeth Truss, the environment secretary, will unveil a Government strategy which will set out how gardeners can do more to save the country’s honeybees.
Miss Truss said in a speech at the Policy Exchange think-tank that gardeners can do more to encourage a “flower-rich habitat” to provide more homes for wild honey bees, bumblebees and butterflies.
One idea is for Britain a nation of  manicured lawn loving gardeners to let their lawns become wild with native flowers to ensure that there is enough pollen and nectar to provide food for bees.
Scientists warn that British bees are in serious decline with 71 of our wild bee species under threat and more than 20 already extinct. Loss of habitat and forage are the main problems facing wild bees.

via Let your lawns grow wild to save Britain’s bees, gardeners told – Telegraph.


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