Why Bother With Crop Rotation? Crop Rotation Explained

Now’s the time to start planning next year vegetable garden! Crop rotation plays an important role to help ensure your produce remains in top condition. This great blog post explains the background and reasoning behind rotating your legumes, brassicas, onions, potatoes and root vegetables.

not just greenfingers

Last week, I was asked to explain ‘crop rotation’ to someone who is fairly new to vegetable gardening.  I thought this would be an interesting topic to write about as it will soon be time to plant all of our wonderful seeds and seedlings into the ground.  Crop rotation is something that we are told to do when we start to grow vegetables, but not everyone knows the reasons behind it.  So today I thought I would go back to the basics of vegetable gardening.



The History of Crop Rotation:

As far back as Roman times, farmers used a crop rotation system.  The system they used was called ‘food, feed and fallow’.  The farmers would divide their land into three sections and in the first they would plant grains such as wheat, the second they would plant oats or barley for their animals and the third would be left…

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