Day of the Dead a Celebration of Life – November 1st

Mention Day of the Dead  and most people would think you are referring to a collection of horror movies, but mention this to anyone in Eastern Europe (also known as All Saints day – Wszystkich Swietych) and you will get a very difference response. The Day of the Dead is in-fact a highly respected religious day throughout much of the World! All saints day A day when relatives celebrate in quiet prayer and loving gestures the memories of loved ones who have passed. Respect, love and kindness these are words that spring to mind when I recall fondly many a November 1st, spent visiting the graves of my in-laws family. Paying respect to those who have passed comes second nature to Eastern Europeans, especially the older generation who fight to retain this honourable family tradition that has been passed down through the generations. Day of the Dead Many weeks preparation go into this a Holy Day and National Holiday in Poland, often accompanied by wintry weather, nothing stops the hoards of family members heading to their local cemetery to pay their respects. Graveyards and headstones keep in perfect condition, cleaned cared for all year round become especially important during the month of November. Thousands of flickering candles set off a glow throughout villages and cities during this week of remembrance, a warm glow and gentle hum of prayer and chants make visiting a Polish graveyard an incredibly moving experience. All Souls Day


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