Stay safe from Vampires and Colds this Halloween!

Dark nights and damp foggy days, bring ghouls, vampires, witches and demons to our streets. Graveyards groan as unearthly creatures set about to create a disturbance from the other side bringing with them a host of sickness, colds and flu that we’d much rather avoid. Unfortunately the seasonal inclement weather and heavy rain, provides the perfect breeding ground for the not so popular common cold, along with sore throats and coughs often associated with Autumn, Fall and Halloween. Kids, families and party goers love nothing better than dressing up to frighten and startle their friends but the last thing we need is the opportunity for these pesky bugs to spread.

Mention garlic to your family and chances are you will get a mixed reaction but if your willing to stick resolute to your mission! I can show you a few ways you can add garlic to your families mealtimes and tonics that will help frighten away those colds and flu’s at the first sign of a sneeze. Garlic bulb Did you know that Garlic can cure many ailments and is widely under used as a natural herbal medication? Yet there are so many ways you can add Garlic in to your daily diet and treat your families cold’s and flu’s for a fraction of the cost of over the counter medications. There are some great recipe ideas that incorporate Garlic in all it forms, depending on which part of the world you are in each recipe and the ingredients will vary but here are a few of my personal favourites. Remember that cooking Garlic will reduce it ability to fight off your cold or flu symptoms, if you can face adding raw garlic to your soup or food you will feel the benefit much faster.

Garlic Soup – On a recent trip into the Tatra mountains in Slovakia with a group of Polish friends, we rented a cabin and headed up into the mountain range for skiing and snowboarding activities. In preparation for the sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall we were advised to consume lashings of the local delicacy Cesnaková Polievka- which translates as Slovakian garlic soup 

Often topped with goats cheese and croutons you are encouraged to adapt the recipe to suit your families tastes but rest assured the more garlic you use, crushed Garlic is best but you can also use it chopped, grated, dried and even added sliced and raw at the very end, the best the cold and flu fighting properties your garlic soup with contain.

You may of course prefer your soups like the Brits, creamed and thick rather than clear and thin. I have found a Creamy Garlic Soup   – Krémová Cesnaková Polievka another Slovakian recipe for you that will fit the bill and give you an altogether different experience of the soup and take four times longer to make.

Feel the symptoms of a cold creeping up on you or recognise the signs in a family member? Those tough enough to tolerate chewing on a raw garlic clove every three to four hours are mostly likely to recover from the onset of colds fastest. Whereas those with delicate stomach may be best sucking on a garlic clove for up to 15 minutes, this gentle allows the natural antibacterial properties in the garlic juice to gently seep down the throat, both soothing a sore throat and fighting of the cold virus.

Garlic renowned for keeping Vampires at bay, really can help fight the common cold, talking from first hand experience I had a nasty cold that lead to a chest infection and swollen glands.

Waking one Monday morning unable to swallow and full of head cold, in a panic state I decide to browse the internet for a quick solution to my problem! Garlic stood out as the clear winner and without other options at 5am on a Monday morning I took the plunge and chewed on Garlic cloves. To my amazement the pain and swollen glands had quickly subsided, the stuffy feeling in my head was eased and I could breathe again due to the decongestants and expectorant effects, in-fact I was even able to go to work that very morning.

Raw garlic is not for everyone and try giving it to a child and I’m sure they’d spit it back out pretty fast but there are ways that you can incorporate raw garlic into favourite foods and you’d not even notice it.

Try adding finely crushed garlic to a spoonful of honey for sore throats the honey coats the throat allowing the garlic juices time to get to work on the sore throat or instead of chewing on a clove leave it to gently sit in your month for almost 15 minutes, as it warms it will realise it miracle antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral and antibiotic properties.

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