Autumn bids us farewell with a glorious riot of colour

Autumn in full Glory

Autumn has always been a glorious season for me, it’s reminds us of colourful Summer’s past, laughter, love and happiness. It prepares us for what’s yet to come, a subtle reminder that time moves on, preparing us for a new year by cleansing the old.

It dances with our emotions, teasing us with delicate sunshine and wintry showers, warm breezes become a chilled wind, heavy dew develops a crisp edge and crunches underfoot.

Dark clouds and early nightfall send flocks of crow’s high up in the tree tops, as riot, crowd sourced starlings encircle the sky in search of a roost to rest.

Skeleton’s take form high up in tree branches as the last of the leaves take flight and depart to become colourful forest litter, completing their cycle of life.

Winter breaks Ice, sterilises the earth, warms heart, chills bones! But there’s nothing that replaces Autumn Glory for me!


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