Quick cured and marinated mushrooms

Anyone of my friends will tell you I am fascinated with foraging for Mushrooms, in fact I have run a few courses of my own and enjoyed ever moment. Having spent several years in Eastern Europe my passion for fungi was further encouraged by some Polish Mushroom hunting experts who kindly shared their vast knowledge with me. Great blog and tasty looking recipes.

Taste the Wild

When I tried out this recipe from southern Italy I was amazed to find how much flavour you can pack into marinated mushrooms in such a short time.
Everyone on this weekends Foraging fungi course seemed to agree when we served them up as a  starter with some flatbreads fresh from the earth oven, so I thought that it should be the recipe of the week.

I have just finished off the jar for my lunch…..Yum!

We found some beautiful Bay boletes (boletus badius) this weekend which would work really well with is recipe but if you do not have any firm fleshed wild mushrooms, then a mixture of Chestnut and King oyster mushrooms works really well.

As always DO NOT eat any mushrooms that you pick from the wild unless you are 100% positive that you know what they are and that they are edible!!!

beautiful specimen

Cured and Marinated Mushrooms

Quick cured and marinated mushrooms

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