A fungal foray

A Fungal Foray indeed I always love finding the Amethyst Deceiver, such a delighful colour amongst all the rustic hues.

The Foraging Photographer

Disclaimer – if you are going to pick mushrooms and eat them, for goodness sake don’t rely on my site for identification or advice. Get some good books – I recommend Roger’s Mushrooms – and be very very very sure of what you’re eating BEFORE you eat it! Otherwise you could have a long time dead (or if you’re lucky, very ill) to repent your lack of judgement. 😉

This year I haven’t really picked many mushrooms; mostly I’ve just photographed them. But the other week we were walking at Puttenham and we met an elderly couple out foraging. They had a basket of amethyst deceivers and told me that they were gathering them for an Italian recipe – pickled mushrooms. Apparently you pickle them in vinegar, which preserves that glorious purple colour, and then you serve them over… wait for it… ice cream! Not a marriage I’d have ever…

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