How to Grow more Strawberry plants

Strawberries must be one of the worlds finest fruit, easy to grow, fast to fruit and so tasty and delicious when picked and eaten fresh. In-fact Strawberries are so good we consume thousands of tonnes of them every Summer! Due to the popularity of these bright red fresh fruits, poly tunnels dedicated to growing our favourite fruit can be found all across Europe simply to meet the demand for all year round fresh strawberries. Yet strawberries are one of the simplest plants to grow, harvest and propagate, so it begs the question why aren’t more of us growing this nutritious fruit for ourselves? I grow hundreds of new strawberry plants, every season to replace old stock plants and give some to friends and family.

Borage and Strawberries
Fresh Strawberries can make your Summer special, select early and late varieties for an extended season.
Once fruiting season is over Strawberries will produce masses of vegetative growth.
How to grow more strawberries
Search for the tendrils from the parent plant that produce rooted runners, where they touch bare soil.
Strawberry runners
Gather the strongest of these runners, with well-developed roots and prepare to pot them up into 9cm pots.
Potting up strawberries
Using a good quality nursery stock potting compost will ensure these new Strawberry plants get a good start.
Strawberries growing
Propagating Strawberries from a parent plant ensures the new plant have the same quality traits as the stock plants.
grow strawberries
Strawberry plants can produce masses of fruit for up to four years, after which time they should be replaced with new stock.
Fresh strawberries
Once the fruit start to develop its time to put a thick layer of straw between the rows and under the fruit to prevent slug damage and rotting of fruit.
Growing strawberries indoors
Strawberries grown under glass can produce fruit much earlier in the season or long after outdoor fruit has finished.

There are so many reasons why you should invest in named varieties of Strawberry plants, even a small garden can house a few dozen plants and failing that there is always strawberry planters or wall hanging containers and troughs used to maximise space for growing fresh strawberries. Buying Strawberry plants is easy, you can buy runners from named varieties online or visit your local garden centre or farmers market at the right time of year.


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