Filming with Midlands Today

Take a moment to read wildlife Kate’s blog and you will come to realise that if you are passionate about something in life you should reach for the stars and go for your dreams! I am sure you would join me in wishing Kate a great future and she follows her love of wildlife.

When Midlands Today contacted me to tell me about their week-long feature on Cannock Chase, to be aired mid-October, I knew that Silver Trees Holiday Park would be a perfect location to talk about the wonderful wildlife there. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have been spending as much time there as I can squeeze in. Using my trail cams there, Rob (who has a caravan there) and I have been setting the Bushnell Trail Cams all around the site and I have captured some really lovely clips of the Fallow with their fawns. 

Trevor (the owner of Silver Trees), Rob and I met the team up at the site and gave them a quick tour. The site is a private site and both Trevor and Rob are constantly working hard to make it a real haven for wildlife.  The site, which has its…

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